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Oct 1


List of names

Set 1

  • Jean Moussa
  • Nicolas Hajj
  • Zeina Toubia
  • Claire Germanos
  • Walid Zeinoun
  • Chady Ziade
  • Maroun Saliba
  • Abir Feghali
  • Rodrigue Bachaalany
  • Mario Saade
  • Mariam Bekdache

 Set 2

  • Nour Asmar
  • Yasmine Saad
  • Karl Bou Khaled
  • Wassim Renno
  • Etienne Bou Abdo
  • Jawad Mahfouz
  • Elio Tayeh
  • Tino Azar
  • Karima Deghayli
  • Chloe Issa
  • Fares Rizk

Congratulations everyone! :)

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Loyalty Program - Promotion 2

Get ready for more loyalty giveaways because we’re back to give you more!
For the second time around, from September 18th to September 27th you will win some fantastic prizes if you are amongst the fastest 22 participants.

To do so, you will have to order our offer, which consists of a specialty wrap and our limited edition Lambweston twister fries.



  • The first 11 people to order the offer for a minimum of 6 times will each win a $100 voucher from Springfield & 2 VOX cinema tickets
  • The second set of 11 people to order the offer for a minimum of 3 times will each win a $50 voucher from Springfield.



  • Offer valid for dine-in & delivery and for all Zaatar w Zeit customers.
  • Results will be announced on our social media channels & blog on September 30th.


Loyalty Program - Promotion 1: Winners

List of names:

1st set:

Chadi Farah
Mikel Abi Ramia
Kevin Zgheib
Ethien Salameh
Dani Katteb
Ghada Kassis
Emil Mouawad
Ghady El Khoury
Khalil El Khoury
Sara Ismail

2nd set:

Ghislaine Naufal
Jean Moussa
Nicolas Hajj
Andrew Mitri
Rodolph Mansour
Elia Harb
Rosy Matta
Tima Haidar
Hagop Sarafian
Ghassan Nehme

3rd set:

Omar Jaber
Roula Sassine
Chris Bou Malhab
Riwa Atallah
Yara Mounzer
Albert Abi Nader
Joanna Nemr
Ibrahim Rifai
Nour Bou Farhat
Elie Ghalbouni

Congratulations everyone! :)

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Sep 1

Loyalty Program - Promotion 1


All you need is to collect a minimum of 60 points from September 1st until September 10th 2013.
It’s that easy! But do it FAST because we will only be choosing 30 participants to reward as follows:

  • The lst set of 10 people to reach a minimum at 60 points will each win: a 50$ voucher from MALIKS, 4 VOX Cinema tickets & 4 Zaatar W Zeit meals
  • The 2nd set of 10 people to reach a minimum of 60 points will each win: a 50$ voucher from MALIKS & 2 Zaatar W Zeit meal
  • The 3rd set of 10 people to reach a minimum of 60 points will each win: 4 VOX Cinema tickets

The names of the 30 participants will be announced on September 13th on our social media pages and blog:

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Terms and conditions apply.

Points collected prior the at period will not be taken into consideration.

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Zaatar W Zeit - Loyalty Program - Rules & Regulations


Promotion’s Rules & Regulations

Every promotion is subject to the terms and conditions published here-under:

  • By participating in a promotion, you are deemed to accept these rules and the special/specific rules, directions and mechanics applicable to the relevant promotion; in case of contradiction between the general and specific terms of a promotion, the specific terms shall prevail;
  • Entry to a promotion is limited to one per person unless otherwise specified;
  • Winners will be chosen among all participants who successfully met the set criteria of each promotion, based on reports generated by a software (Squirrel Analytics);
  • Winners of each promotion will be notified within 5 days of the relevant closing date and their names will be available on the company’s blog: and on Zaatar W Zeit’s social media channels (in particular: Facebook and Twitter);
  • If the winner is unreachable or does not claim his prize within a period of 14 working days starting the announcement date, Zaatar W Zeit reserves the right to withdraw such prize and to re-allocate it;
  • Zaatar W Zeit will notify the winner when and where the prize can be collected;
  • Zaatar W Zeit can at its sole discretion: (a) disqualify any participant whose conduct is contrary to the spirit of the rules or the intention of the promotion and to declare as void any or all of his/her loyalty transactions based on such conduct; (b) add or amend any of the promotion’s rules; and/or (c) cancel the promotion or any part of it at any stage in the event of circumstances beyond Zaatar W Zeit’s control;
  • Prizes are not transferable and may not be subject to any trade;
  • The winner agrees to the use of his/her name and image in any publicity material. Any personal data relating to the winner or any other entrants will be used solely in accordance with current Lebanese data protection legislation and will not be disclosed to a third party without the participant’s prior consent.

Loyalty Program: Basic Rules & Regulations

  • Only one card will be issued per person;
  • Points are accumulated at the rate of 1 point for every LBP 4.000 spent for dine-In, takeaway or delivery in any branch of Zaatar W Zeit restaurant;
  • Every 50 points collected can be redeemed in-store for LBP 10,000 worth of food purchase;
  • Points are credited to your account only when presenting your loyalty card with the bill or when giving your serial number to our call center’s agents;
  • Points accumulated via delivery will be added to your account within 1 working day after your transaction;
  • You cannot obtain points for purchases made post to bill enrollment;
  • Points have no cash value and may not be redeemed for cash;
  • Points are non-transferable and non-divisible, and cannot be combined with other members’ accounts (unless otherwise specified by Zaatar W Zeit)
  • In the event of a lost or stolen card, and upon notification, Zaatar w Zeit can transfer the outstanding balance of any unused points to the replacement card given to the participant and the prior card will be automatically inactivated;
  • Zaatar w Zeit reserves the right to close at its sole discretion your account and/or to terminate your participation in the loyalty program if Zaatar w Zeit believes that you have violated any of the terms and conditions of use of the loyalty card;
  • Zaatar w Zeit may cancel the loyalty program at any time; in such event, any rewards earned prior to the notifying the members a termination notice, shall be redeemable during a period of thirty (30) days following the issuance of the termination notice of the loyalty program.
  • The participant doesn’t have the right to claim any indemnity whatsoever from Zaatar W Zeit related to the loyalty program.



A Tribute to Loyalty…Benefit from our Loyalty Program


It’s high time we started showing more appreciation for all your love and support over the years, and we’re here to tell you how. Every point you collect from eat-in, takeaway and delivery, will be redeemable at any of our Zaatar W Zeit branches. But if you think that’s it, think again! Because loyalty is highly rewarding at Zaatar W Zeit, we will also be rewarding you with online and offline promotions giving you the option to win even more points, free meals and lots of fantastic prizes, from any of our collaborating partners!

Now, the only thing left for you to do is just ask for your instant card and let us pay a tribute to your loyalty; the loyalty we can’t wait to reward.


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Father’s Day Contest Results

Congratulations to the top 50 winners in the Father’s day contest.

You will receive an email containing your invitation.

Hope to see you all tomorrow with your DADs and don’t forget to share with us your pictures :)

Jihane A.K.

Mohamad K.

Nagham  N.

Lama H.

Anoud A.

Larissa Y.

Yara G.

Valentina M.

Youssef S.

Ralph A. C.

Elissa C.

Maria E.

Hind H.

Wassima A.

Razan R.

Sarah K.

Jad Ma.

Vanessa N.

Serge G.

Mirna O.

Sara  H.

Leyla R.

Nour K.

Sahar H.

Celine H.

Rita A.

Cyril B.

Jennifer M.

Mahmoud B.

Nour A.

Sara  B.

Anastasia M.

Nihal D.

Rabih S.

Roy M.

Mounir G.

Karl E.

Joe  S.

Lama T.

Marc A.

Rana G.

Mohamad A.

Jad Mo.

Mireille S.

Myriam S.

Kamil H.

Sary H.

Anthony I.

Georges K.

Sami R.

Happy Father’s Day from Zaatar W Zeit.

Happy Father’s Day from Zaatar W Zeit


1. Add your dad as a friend on Facebook.

2. Send us a private message through our Zaatar W Zeit Facebook page with a snapshot of the confirmed friendship, along with your First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number and Email.

3. Submissions end on Thursday the 20th at 3 pm. At 5 pm, Zaatar W Zeit will confirm the invitation of the first 50 participants and their fathers, through a Facebook message.

4. Print the confirmed invitation and bring it along to any of the Zaatar W Zeit branches with your IDs on Father’s day (21st of June- only) to enjoy a free meal with your dad. Only one sibling entry per family is allowed.

5. Don’t forget to send us a picture of you and your father enjoying your ZWZ moment!

6. For those of you who have already befriended their dads on Facebook, just send us a snapshot confirming that (under “See Friendship”) and you’ll still be eligible.

The management reserves the right to refuse any entry if deemed ineligible

-Contest valid only in Lebanon.

Zaatar W Zeit Delivery Number 1523

We are glad to introduce our new 4-digits delivery number 1523.

You can now order your favorite food from Zaatar W Zeit by dialing 1523 from any land-line or mobile phone in addition to our online delivery portal:

You can also download the our mobile delivery applications on the following links:



May 7

#mentoringSM class at the American University of Beirut


Thanks to Mrs. Khauli-Hanna for inviting us to the #mentoringSM class at the American University of Beirut . A very nice & insightful presentation about Zaatar W Zeit prepared by Dina Faris, Hiba Bou Nasr & Melissa Menassa :)